• Michael Gasser

Episode 2 - John Flinn - Marine and Paramedic

Updated: Mar 25, 2018

On the second episode of the podcast I sit down in Simpsonville, SC with John Flinn, a Paramedic working in Greenville, SC.

John enlisted in the Marine Corps right after high school in 1996 and served a 4 year enlistment in the Marines from 96-00. After that he worked as a construction engineering estimator for several years until he felt pulled back to service. He completed his EMT Certification through the Phoenix Fire Academy in 2010 and then his paramedic certification in 2012. He has worked as a first responder in Greenville, SC for almost 5 years.

On this episode I got the opportunity to ask questions and look into a profession with which I have been previously unfamiliar. I served as an Infantry Officer in the Army for almost 10 years and am familiar with many types of military careers and what the day to day work looks like there. I have never had the window into the career of a paramedic. First responders, and specifically paramedics, serve operationally in the communities they live in. They commit to work that is very similar to a deployed service member with regard to hours, emotional toll, periods of long boredom highlighted by spikes of the most heart stopping intensity, and general pace. First responders commit to this work day in and day out for a career serving their communities.

My talk with John was enlightening and I gained a definite respect for his ability to remain calm in the middle of someone's worst moments while taking live saving action.

Thanks for listening.